Frequently Asked Questions about sailing in SecondLife

Q. I have never sailed before, is it better to buy a motor yacht rather than a sailing boat?
A. Of course you better buy a motor yacht if you have no intention to sail. On the other hand, many sailing boats do have an engine, so you could opt for buying that and grow into sailing at a later date. Here you read more about choosing a boat.

Q. Is it difficult to learn to sail in SL?
No, its not really difficult, but as with many things there are levels in sailing. You need time to build up your experience by doing it and of course read this web site 🙂
Here you read more on navigating and controlling a boat.

Q. Do I need to rent a slip for my boat?
No, there are many places in SL where you can rezz your boat. Advantage of a marina slip is easy access and of course it looks good. Some are even communities. Here you read more about marinas in SL.

Q. Can I rent a slip for a very large yacht?
There are marinas specialising in large boats. But for practical purposes and cost its not really advisable, unless perhaps you use it as an alternative to a house.

Q. What is the best sailing place in SL?
The place you visit again and again. But of course Blake Sea is the heart of sailing community, but there are many nice private estates. As always it depends what you looking for. Here you read more about the Blake Sea.

Q. What is the best boat to buy in SL?
I have my preferences and I am biased, but the Bandit line is a good starting point with a large collection well designed boats. For the more professional inclined sailors, Trudeau has very good products and the boats of Dutch are very nice (most of them).
A few criteria to consider: no manuals, no demo, no answer to your questions, my IM are capped nonsense (they dont want your email), only sales in MarketPlace (we are in it for the money), you don’t see others using these boats in SL. If you see 2 or more of these criteria met, then these suppliers should be avoided. They may be good builders, but have no clue or interest in what customers need. Here you read more about choosing a boat.

Q. Is it difficult to change colours and textures of my boat?
It depends, if the designer supplied the original drawings and if you have any experience with an editor like Photoshop or GIMP, then you probably will manage to put a name on the hull. If not and you are a nice looking girl, then talk to a guy with an obvious talent in this and do the ‘I am so blond’ act. If on the other hand you are a guy and not blond, go to YT or get a nice blond alt …. Here you read more about painting boat.

Q. I heard about boat racing, what is meant by that?
Its an innate human trait to compete, to see who is best, guess you could call it the Darwin syndrome. So this also happens in SL when it comes to sailing. Don’t be surprised if you innocently sailing somewhere and suddenly a high pitched voice, IM or worse, a kick from a Racing Director, tells you to leave because….a sailing race is going on….
Having said that, I myself have organised sail boat races for many years, it can be fun to see how they wrestle and struggle to win 🙂
If this appeals to you, then best is to join a sailing club and learn the tricks of the trade from the pros or read my page about Sail Racing

Visit one of the many yacht clubs in SL, you find the links here.

I am sure you have more questions. Many are answered in the web site. If not, then send me a message and I will try to answer them.

happy sailing,


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