Blake Sea rules

A list of the Blake Sea rules as they appeared on MarkTwains blog.

Blake Sea Code of Conduct Addendum (Version 1.0)


1. The rules below have been added to the Blake Sea Code of Conduct to address issues involving the use of the Blake Sea by modern (WWII and later) naval vessels and combat aircraft. .
2. These rules are approved by the owners of the United Sailing Sims who have the charge of overseeing fair and reasonable use of the Blake Sea by all residents.3. Violations of the rules below can in serious cases lead to banning from up to more than 200 sims of the United Sailing Sims.

The Rules

Rule #1: All vessels shall give way to sail-boats racing or cruising.The reason behind the rule: This is the basic backbone of keeping the Blake Sea first and foremost for sailing while allowing all to use the waters.

Rule #2: All vessels are granted the right to use the Blake Sea
The reason behind the rule: LL provides the sims and they want all to be able to use the sims. This includes modern military vessels.

Rule #3: While large military vessels that cover significant parts of a sim (60 meters or more) have the right to cruise the open waters of the Blake Sea they do not have the right to park such vessels for significant periods of time, not more that 60 minutes. This assumes there is no race occurring as outlined in rule #4.Reason behind the rule: A large vessel parked is not a cruising/sailing vessel, it is an obstacle to navigation. Much of the issues some have with military vessels in the Blake could be ameliorated if they were not parked.

Rule #4: If there is no sail-boat race taking place in the area aircraft carriers are allowed to rezz in Blake Sea Hawser for up to one hour in order to conduct NON-COMBAT operations (landings and take-offs) as outlined in rule #3. If, during the course of operations, a Blake Sea race director asks an aircraft carrier to de-rezz because a sail-boat race will be entering Blake Sea Hawser within 30 minutes. and the aircraft carrier must suspend operations within that 30 minutes. Reason behind the Rule: The Hawser rule is to allow some military non-combat action in one particular location of the Blake Sea in the spirit of having the Blake be accessible to all. However it is not the intent to allow large vessels to remain in place for long periods of time.

Rule #5:1 Any vessels moored the the Blake Sea without an active avatar that can respond to queries from other avatars is subject to removal. Reason behind the Rule: Rezzing large unattended vessels violates the directive that the Blake Sea is first and foremost an area for sailing and said vessels that do not make way for sailing races and events are not using the Blake Sea as designed.

Rule 6: THE ONLY COMBAT allowed in the Blake Sea by modern military weaponry is air to air combat above 250 meters (above the clouds) between consenting aircraft.

Rule 7: Residents firing on non-combatants in the Blake Sea whether air-to-air, air-to-surface, or surface-to-air is strictly forbidden. Those doing so are subject to possible bans in over 200 sims in the United Sailing Sims as well as being AR (assault in a safe area) reported to LL for Terms Of Service (TOS) violations.

Rule 8: Aircraft that buzz low overhead of any non-combat boat or sailing vessel shall be considered to be harassing residents (a TOS violation) and potentially banned from the United Sailing Sims as well as being ARed..(Abuse report)

Reason behind these rules: Other than air to air combat between consenting pilots above 250 meters (i.e. above the clouds), all other combat actions as outlined in these rules are contrary not only to TOS but to the general peaceful use of waters as intended when LL declared that the Blake Sea should be for sailing first.

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